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Our Mission

The Mission of Career Resources is to significantly improve the family unit through employment to ensure economic opportunity in the communities we serve.

Outcomes: In 2016:


1,676 customers completed a CRI-run training program.


1,167 customers obtained employment, with an average wage of $15.10/hr


85% of employed participants obtained an industry-specific credential through CRI.


Taxpayers saved $7.7 million due to participants’ increased earnings (resulting in additional tax revenue) and reduced dependence on government support.

Success Story of the Month:

“…failure may come but the ablitily to fail forward and learn from the past is the true path to success.”

2018 Rev. Richard Schuster Advocacy Award.


Career Resources is very proud of Caitlin Mongillo and Justin Williams for receiving the Rev. Richard Schuster Advocacy Award, part of the Partnership for Strong Communities’ Annual Reaching Home Housing Awards. The Rev. Richard Schuster Advocacy Award recognizes a professional or volunteer who demonstrates an outstanding commitment to raising awareness about the needs of individuals and families currently/in danger of experiencing homelessness, using either legislative or client-centered advocacy.


Either through direct work with people experiencing homelessness, managing local programs, or organizing advocacy, they’ve had a strong and positive impact in efforts to end homelessness. As managers of the Secure Jobs CT pilot project, Caitlin and Justin work with families eligible for Rapid Re-housing in Fairfield County, connecting them with the resources and training they need to secure sustainable employment and dependable housing.

Caitlin and Justin have brought compassion, tenacity, and problem-solving skills to serve their clients over the three years of the Secure Jobs pilot project, and in the process they have built a collaborative environment of supportive services that can be leveraged throughout the region. We thank them for embodying the best of what CRI has to offer!


See video below of Justin’s inspiring speech.

Download our Strategic Overview Doc