1-14-22 Board Minutes

Career Resources, Inc. Board Meeting January 14, 2022 Minutes 1. Meeting called to order at 8:30 a.m. a. Board Members Present: i. Roger McKenzie, Board Chair ii. Crystal Engram, Vice-Chair iii. Mickey Stayman, Treasurer iv. Kam Cheung v. David Scaramozza vi. Mark Soycher vii. Rev. D. Stanley Lord viii. Mark Thorsheim ix. Chris Kunhardt x. Beth Dupont xi. Rich Dupont xii. Toni Harp xiii. Craig Donovan xiv. Victor Fuda b. CRI Staff Members Present: i. Scott Wilderman, President & CEO ii. Angela Pellegrino-Grant, COO iii. Rob Hebert, Sr. VP of Re-entry Initiatives and Business Services iv. Dr. William Clark, VP of Workforce Readiness and Strategic Initiatives v. Wanda Lary, One-stop Operator vi. Kim Harris, VP of Reentry Services vii. Krystyna Romano, Director of HR viii. Daniele Turner, VP of SW One-stop Operations ix. Chris Landino, Chief Development Officer 2. Mission Moment: Scott Wilderman a. Introduction of Wanda Lary, soon to be Sr. VP of Workforce Development b. AJC Innovations: i. On-demand virtual scheduling ii. Drop-in Zoom sessions iii. On-demand videos iv. Employer spotlight v. ESL offered virtually vi. Remote CASAS testing vii. Live Chat Specialists on SW AJC website viii. Weekly newsletter ix. One-on-one digital literacy training x. Career Coach as outreach platform xi. Farms to Families food distribution xii. Pop-up AJC offerings xiii. Relationship with Foodshare to promote services c. Scott notes flexibility of staff. Chat specialists and pop-up AJCs have been noticed by community/state. 3. Motion to approve minutes of the previous Board meeting: a. Motion to approve by Roger McKenzie b. Seconded by Chris Kunhardt c. Motion passes unanimously. 4. Discussion: Rich Dupont asks AJC outreach to include community colleges in NW region; will facilitate dialogue with NRWIB 5. Strategic Issues: a. COVID: 13{1f039711b840c078d28ef67e2242d847b07366eda7a19d9b499ee802413fd790} of staff out sick at height of Omicron variant. 100 test kits provided by the City of Bridgeport. 98{1f039711b840c078d28ef67e2242d847b07366eda7a19d9b499ee802413fd790} of staff vaccinated. Booster is not mandated. b. Discussion: Rev. Lord suggests mandating booster. Victor notes that state is not mandating boosters. Guidelines are changing regularly. Scott suggests surveying staff about boosters. Crystal notes that as an employer of a Baney House resident it was difficult to plan, knowing that the resident was likely to be infected. Rob notes that there is no quarantine facility for women. GBT offers incentives to get booster. General discussion about mandate vs. incentives. c. New opportunities: i. New Haven AJC ii. DOC and CSSD: Current DOC contracts were renewed; CSSD applications for Transitional Housing and Credible Messenger are pending. New DOC contract in Waterbury was not awarded to any respondent. iii. Career ConneCT: 6. Review of finances: Mickey Stayman a. Receivables are still a concern. Cash flow needs to be carefully managed. b. Revenues are lagging, but expected to meet budget. EPS continues to underperform but is trending more positively. c. Cash drain has stabilized somewhat, but working capital requirements continue to be constraining. This affects our ability to pursue new business due to lack of working capital. Building working capital is a goal. d. Scott notes that audit is nearing completion. Some Board Members need to have Conflict of Interest Statements completed. 7. Operations: Angela Pellegrino-Grant a. Organizational Metrics: On track to surpass last year’s service levels in all programs (note that last year was an anomaly), getting closer to historical norms. 8. Development/Marketing a. Looking to hire new Marketing & Communications person b. State of Reentry scheduled to be released in February c. Hosting statewide community forum on reentry d. Q3 is critical for development efforts; pursuing multiple relationships e. New opportunity being developed with Mimi Sternlicht of The Foundation House via FCCF f. 48 proposals or LOIs submitted last calendar year, largely continuation of current funding g. Many new RFPs expected in the upcoming quarter 9. HR: Krystyna Romano a. 23 new employees hired since last board meeting b. Some new essential hires: Wanda’s promotion to Sr. VP, Dan Perkins, Dave Garvey as new SW One-stop Operator 10. Final Thoughts: Many thanks to New Canaan Men’s Club for donations to our toy drive! Thanks to everyone who contributed to our Thanksgiving event! 11. Motion to adjourn by Scott Wilderman. Meeting adjourned at 9:59 a.m.