Congratulations Nancy!

Congratulations to Nancy Wilber, who teaches Adult Education for CRI to students in The WorkPlace’s Health Care CareerRx Academy, on receiving a 2013 Advocacy Award from The WorkPlace.

Nancy has worked to customize her lessons and tailor classes to each students’ interests and abilities.

“It’s great to teach students who are so  eager to work and learn,” said Nancy. “My students are brave, smart and fun to work with.  It’s a privilege to help them realize how smart they are.

“People are especially nervous about math,” she added. “They assume they are bad at math, and come in thinking they can’t get it. Then they work hard and realize they can do it…that’s what I love.”

Students in the Health Care CareerRx Academy vary greatly in age and circumstance. “Often they have endured a lot of difficult life circumstances,” she said. “It’s fun for me to watch them find out that they are smart!”

Nancy’s courses are built around the Key Train tutorial, part of the National Career Readiness Certificate system used by CRI to link employers with qualified jobseekers.

She has a master’s degree in Elementary Education and worked for four years in the Bridgeport Public Schools before coming to CRI a year ago.

Nancy’s students also honored her with a card and flowers. “These mean as much to me as any award,” she said.