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Entry Point Staffing

Entry Point Staffing is a staffing agency designed to connect employers with jobseekers returning to the workforce.

Southwest AJC business services

Join our job fairs to expand your talent pool and our subsidy program for dislocated workers.

Work Ready Division

The graduates of our Work Ready programs are always eager to get to work.

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Business Services

Ready-to-hire employees

Our Business Services department always has trained workers eager to begin their journey in the workforce, ready to utilize the skills they developed in our programs. Also, make sure to inquire about our subsidy program for employers hiring dislocated workers due to COVID-19.

For more questions, contact Rosa Dicker at rdicker@careerresources.org.

Job fairs & Hiring events

We often put on job fairs and hiring events for employers to connect with people in the workforce. Since COVID19, we have ventured out into virtual job fairs to not only help people connect – but to do it safely. To inquire about how to get involved with our job fairs and hiring events, contact Rosa Dicker at rdicker@careerresources.org.


Employer Spotlight

We will occassionally participate in “Employer Spotlights” where we record a one-on-one interview with an employer looking for prospective employees. In a conversation with our Sr. Vice President of Business Development and Reentry Affairs, Rob Hebert, the employer will be able to explain in-depth what they are looking for in an employee, opportunities for growth, pay scale, and more.

WorkReady Division


Career Resources, Inc runs STRIVE Connecticut, a nationally recognized three-week job readiness course that provides jobseekers the attitudes and behaviors needed for success in the workplace. Our STRIVE graduates are always ready to get to work. To inquire about how to hire one of our STRIVE graduates, contact the Director of Workforce Development, Markus Cherry.

Platform 2 Employment Reentry

A Workplace opportunity offered through Career Resources, Platform 2 Employment Reentry provides formerly incarcerated individuals with work readiness and career development training. Our P2E graduates are eager to get to work with the guidance of their trained case managers. And, the wage subsidy program for the first 8 weeks. If you would like to hire one of our P2E graduates, contact the Platform 2 Employment Reentry Trainer, Ren Brockmeyer at brockmeyer@careerresources.org

Entry Point Staffing

First-of-its-kind staffing agency

In 2020, Career Resources was awarded a grant from Impact Fairfield County to start a staffing agency placing just citizens returning from incarceration. 

Entry Point associates receive intense work readiness training before starting their placement. In turn, employers save time and money on pre-screening, receive tax credits, alleviate paperwork burdens, and best of all – guarantees workers.

If you are interested in hiring from Entry Point Staffing, visit their website by clicking the button below.

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We want to support the connection between local businesses and organizations, and people in the community looking for work. Feel free to submit a job listing for your organization and manage your listings on the table to the right.