Career Resources, Inc. understands the barriers to employment that are placed on citizens returning to their communities from incarceration.

CRI’s reputation as a statewide leader in workforce development and re-entry programs has been built on its ability to build and manage effective collaborations and partnerships across the state.

The agency collaborates with CT Department of Correction through its work-release and other re-entry programs in Bridgeport. CRI works closely with the CT Re-entry Collaborative and the Re-entry Roundtables and Re-entry Welcome Centers across the state of Connecticut to support returning citizens on their path to successful reintegration and stable employment.

BRIDGEPORT FAMILIES FIRST (In Partnership with The City of Bridgeport)

Bridgeport Families First offers system-impacted families with wraparound services including individualized support for parents and children, as well as job training and placement.

Access is also provided to other “in-network” programs offered by Career Resources, Inc., such as Fathers for Life, STRIVE, and Foster Grandparents.

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Funded by the Bureau of Justice Systems in 2022, the Bridgeport Re-entry Housing Initiative, in partnership with local landlords, annually assists 30 individuals at the Bridgeport Re-entry Welcome Center with financial literacy and housing assistance – in the form of 1st and last months rent.

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CRI opened the Bridgeport Re-entry Welcome Center in April 2022, with funding provided by the City of Bridgeport through the American Rescue Plan Act. CRI operates the Re-entry Welcome Center in partnership with Recovery Network of Programs at the Jay Brothers Unified Resource Center at 480 Bond Street, in Bridgeport.

The Re-entry Welcome Center is a centralized hub providing returning citizens and other system-impacted individuals with access to a wide range of programs and support services in a well-coordinated and timely manner to improve the likelihood of successful community reintegration and reduce recidivism.

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Launched by CRI in 2020, Entry Point Staffing is a first-of-its kind workforce training and temporary staffing program for system-impacted individuals in Fairfield County. Agency staff work closely with employers to create a pipeline of trained, motivated workers via a well-coordinated, timely, and effective job placement program.

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FATHERS FOR LIFE (In Partnership with CT Department of Social Services)

This program assists non-custodial parents to connect emotionally as well as financially with their children. Program components include support group sessions, parenting skills through the state certified 24/7 Dad Curriculum, financial education, and other ways to support and engage your children.

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Hang Time has joined forces with Career Resources! Hang Time programs provide community support and social services navigation to men and women returning home from incarceration and their families. Since 2014, Hang Term has been a leader in reducing recidivism and the violence in the communities it serves.

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Isaiah House is a residential work release program for male returning citizens. Services offered include substance abuse counseling, individual and family counseling, and vocational counseling.

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LUCY BANEY FAMILY REUNIFICATION CENTER (Supported By The Alliance For Community Empowerment & CT Department Of Correction)

The Lucy Baney Family Reunification Center, named after CRI’s own Board member Lucy Baney, houses both CRI’s “Stars Program” and “Women and Children’s Program.”

It is one-of-its-kind in the state, housing up to 20 women returning to the community, with 5 of them accompanied by their children, all under one roof. Many services, such as childcare provided by the Alliance for Community Empowerment, are offered on-site.

*Career Resources, Inc. shall maintain a Zero Tolerance towards all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Any person who becomes aware of or suspects sexual abuse, or sexual harassment must report it immediately to the Vice President of Re-Entry and Residential Services, Program Director, Assistant Director or Director of Human Resources. All residents and staff have the right to work in an environment free of sexual harassment and sexual abuse.*
For more information on Prison Rape Elimination Act Policy and Procedures please click here.

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In 2022, the federal government recognized CRI as a leader in both workforce development and re-entry services. As a result, CRI was chosen to operate the Pathway Home CT Program. Pathway Home CT is a pre-and post- release development program for the formerly incarcerated.

Pre-release services include job preparation, crafting individual development plans, identifying barriers to employment, career exploration and planning, counseling, and assistance with linking returning citizens to the social services required to help them transition back to their communities. Post-release services include occupational training and placement services provided via the statewide network of American Job Centers, and continued case management services.

Operating in up to 6 Connecticut correctional facilities, Pathway Home CT prepares inmates for a successful transition back to their communities after paying their debt to society.

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Acknowledging CRI’S leadership and innovation around re-entry services, the State of CT funded the We Rise initiative to operate in 5 regions of the state.

The program improves employment opportunities for returning citizens and other system-impacted individuals across Connecticut, and builds on the programs and services currently delivered at the state’s Re-entry Welcome Centers. Participants are connected to training programs provided by Connecticut’s Workforce Development Boards, which are aligned with employers in high demand industry sectors including manufacturing, construction, green energy, warehousing and culinary.

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