STRIVE: Brian Roccapriore

“I was so tired wandering about looking for the jobs. I saw in the Labor Dept. STRIVE Program flyer on the front desk. When I came home and I called that number and made an appointment to register for the class. The registration day I met Ms.Cynthia.

Ms.Cynthia is polite and give me all the important guidelines about the class. After few weeks later I have to go the orientation. I met so many people over there and I was so nervous myself how to stand up and talk in front of all those people.

Ms.Gill is the very good instructor for this program. I learned lot of improvement myself to stand up and talk in front of the people. I am not sure I was doing the right way, but still I had a courage to speak in front of the people. I had lot of fun in coming everyday for the class, feels like I am going to work in the morning. I made lot of good friends too.

Ms.Gill and Ms.Cynthia both are working very hard to help the students to get job.”

“I’ve personally seen the STRIVE program change people’s lives for almost ten years. All the STRIVE staff members in Connecticut are extremely passionate about STRIVE’s mission, and you can see the results of their hard work in thousands of STRIVE graduates in the state. I could not have been part of a better team.”

Brian Roccapriore, AVP of Workforce Development Programs